To apply to the Drummond Trust for funding, please review the following guidelines:

Under the terms of the Trust Deed, the Drummond Trust exists to make grants to assist in the publication of works of sound Christian doctrine and outreach. Applications are required to meet these basic criteria to be considered. The Trust operates in the Stirling area, but the grant applications are not restricted to any location.

The Trustees may look for evidence of other actual (or promised) financial support with each application. The Trust’s resources preclude it from taking major publication risks.

The term “publication” is taken to relate to conventionally printed works, i.e. books, pamphlets, leaflets, tracts etc. but not magazines, newsletters, and other periodicals. In certain circumstances the Trustees may be willing to consider other forms of publication, including DVDs, apps, CDs etc. Requests for grants towards the cost of electronic equipment or hardware cannot be considered.

Completed applications – which should ideally include a brief sample of proposed text – are put before the Trustees at one or other of their bi-annual meetings in mid-March and mid-September, for which applications must be lodged by 31st January and 31st July, respectively.

Grants are awarded on the following conditions:

  1. That grant will only be payable upon publication.
  2. That grant must be taken up no later than one year (12 months) from the date of the meeting at which any award of grant is made.
  3. That acknowledgement be made within the publication that it has been published with grant assistance from the Drummond Trust, 3 Pitt Terrace, Stirling.
  4. That a voucher (sample) copy of the publication be submitted when requesting payment of grant.

Application forms should be returned to
The Drummond Trust, Messrs. Hill & Robb, Solicitors, 3 Pitt Terrace, Stirling, FK8 2EY 
Telephone:  01786 450985 | Fax: 01786 451360 | e-mail: 
by the appropriate dates stated above.

Please find a copy of the application form below for download.