Funded Projects

See below for recent publications and other projects which received funding from the Drummond Trust. This is only a small sample of the many works which the Trust has supported over its decades of operation.

The long and short of it:
Reflections on reality in different measures

by John L Bell

The Leavening of Life:
Contemporary hymns for different times & seasons

by Pat Bennett

Liturgical resources for August, September and October including Ordinary Time and Harvest

by Ruth Burgess

Liturgical resources for May, June and July including Eastertide and Pentecost

by Ruth Burgess

Olives and Obligations:
Biblical stories, scripts and reflections
Genesis to Nehemiah

by Ruth Burgess

Soul Art: A workshop manual for creativity and wellbeing

by Shaeron Caton Rose

Dignity, Agency, Power:
Stories, prayers and reflections from 40 years of Church Action on Poverty

by Church Action on Poverty

Transgender. Christian. Human.

by Alex Clare-Young

Strange Majesty:
The hymns of Leith Fisher

edited by Douglas Galbraith

Living Faithfully in the Time of Creation

by Kathy Galloway and Katharine M Preston

Open Our Hearts:
Daily prayers for Lent and Holy Week

by Ann Gerondelis

The Approaching Word

by Robert A. Gillies

The Oratory of Light:
Poems in the spirit of St Columba

by James Harper

Journeys in Community:
Father-daughter conversations about faith, love, doubt and hope

by John Harvey and Ruth Harvey

Amazing Grace: Raising a competent church in Tanzania

by Kanisa Imara, Katika Mapambano Ya Ukimwi, and Na Unyanyasaji Wa Jinsia

Wild Goose big book of worship resource 2

by the Iona Community

The Road Chosen: Poems, stories and reflections for Holy Week

by Janet Killeen

Towards Bethlehem: Stories & poems for Advent, Christmas & Epiphany

by Janet Killeen

Caring For Creation Together

by Emma Major

In Your Loving is Your Knowing:
Elizabeth Templeton – Prophet of Our Times

edited by Peter Matheson and Alastair Hulbert

Down the Track:
A Camas anthology

edited by Rachel McCann

Confucian Questions to Augustine:
Is My Cultivation of Self Your Care of the Soul?

by JunSoo Park

Refugees from Eden:
Voices of lament, courage and justice

edited by Rosemary Power

Nevile Davidson:
A Life to Be Lived

by Andrew G Ralston

Mission as God’s Spiral of Renewal

by Kenneth R Ross

A Malawi Church History 1860-2020

by Kenneth R Ross and Klaus Fiedler

Politics, Christianity and Society
in Malawi:
Essays in Honour of John McCraken

edited by Kenneth R Ross
and Wapulumuka O Mulwafu

How shall we pray this morning?
For what shall we pray this night?

by Thom M. Shuman

Iona: New and Selected Poems

by Kenneth Steven

In God’s Time: An Advent Calendar

edited by Jan Sutch Pickard